• Mar 3, 2022

Check the latest mandates for travelling

Since we all know that many state governments had made it mandatory to follow certain state guidelines and regulations for travellers . Hence, the first thing that you need to be very clear about is your destination, route and then there will be the state rule for travellers entering and passing by the state. Make sure you are on top with the latest updates before you start your travel. You can check the government/state sites for such updates.

Clear Your RC-PTR test before travelling

One of the most important things that you should not forget is to carry your COVID -19 negative test result. This has to be done 72 hours before you travel and the same has to be submitted at the checkpoints, airports and other places of your destination state/city.

Book your stay in a hotel/ hostel rooms

This is another important travel checklist item you must consider before travelling. As we all know the current situation in the country, don’t take an additional risk by checking in cheap accommodation. Make sure you do proper research, check recommendations on the internet for a safe and clean stay and then book it.

Check for the nearest COVID hospital near your stay

An emergency can ring the doorbell anytime hence you must be prepared for it. Having a COVID-19 hospital nearby to your hotel/hostel can be helpful in case you are in doubt and want to double-check your health.

Prefer Clean Rides

So far we have got a sense that cleanliness is the most important thing during the time of COVID-19. Hence it is very crucial that you check the sanitization level of your mode of transport, be it local or private. If travelling by public transports make sure you don’t prefer the one which is crowded. In case you don’t have a private vehicle, you can check and hire self-drive cars at Mychoize.com which offers well maintained sanitized cars at your doorstep.

Pack Smartly

You don’t want to overburden yourself with an extra suitcase or luggage bags while you travel. Many travellers and backpackers prefer smart packing and it’s quite impressive. You can check out some packing hacks for your travel so that you can enjoy your trip without any hassle.

Prefer Eating inside your rooms

Eating food outside in open restaurants or on streets is completely a bad idea during this time. Make sure you request your accommodation authority to allow eating your lunch/dinner inside the room. Also, if possible, prefer ordering meals from your in-house restaurant only as the food will be prepared considering the hygiene process.

Avoid crowded places for travelling

We know travelling doesn’t mean staying all-time in a room and shifting from one place to another. We all want to go out and see what’s new in the marketplace. Some of us go out to buy things and some prefer window shopping or maybe sightseeing. But, these places are mainly hotspots where there are clean chances for you to get infected. Hence, try as much as possible not to enter or avoid such crowded places. If you are travelling for a change and prefer a less crowded area then check out some beach resorts in Goa

Carry Extra Sanitization products

Carrying extra COVID essential will be helpful for you in areas where medical and general stores are way far and the products are not easily available. Make sure you carry extra gloves, a mask, hand sanitiser, tissue papers, wet wipes and a thermometer. Don’t keep this bag inside your luggage bag but keep it handy in your purse or the car deck.

Now, that you have made your checklist you are all set to head out and feel the fresh air on your face.

Happy Travelling!